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Friday, March 7, 2008


Today we awoke to ice and snow...the winter weather is hanging on with all its might! We are snowed in...but having fun...it's nice in a way not to really have anything to do!
Things are going well...we recently purchased a car...and took some photos...as you can tell from the pictures, these of course were taken when the weather was warmer....It is amazing what a week can do :)

Here are a few pics....enjoy!


cincymarge said...

Love your background!!! Glad you are enjoying the snow...:) cause it is going to be about 15 inches maybe. Yeah...I am enjoying just hangin out here too!

Have a good Friday!!

june75 said...

Hey Cuz,
I really enjoy your blog. That background makes me want to be somewhere warm. I'm sick of this wet white stuff that were are getting right now. You're little man is sooooooo cute.

Beka & Bill said...

Hi! Glad to see you out here in Blogger world!!!! Your little guy is a cutie!!! Yeahhh... snow snow snow... its time for it all to go away and spring to come!!!!

cincymarge said...

I forgot to tell you that I am now officially SAHM with school sooooooo let me know when you have a Pampered Chef party.:)

It WOULD be really nice if we lived closer. Where are you all at now? Have a happy Saturday. Looks like church might be closed here.

Aimee said...


This would be the first I've seen your little guy. Such a cutie and getting big sooo quick!

Glad life is treating you well... For some reason everyone seems to be moving away from here. Keep a lookout for Ange;) and make sure she's behaving. ha ha!

Well I'm a bit jealous that you guys have gotten so much snow these past couple days. I've attempted going skiing on several occassions this winter season, but due to our crummy weather, I've not been able to go ONCE! Send some back to NY!

Glad to see you've started blogging. Keep the updates coming!

Aimee M.

Trisha said...

Hey!! I am glad you found me! How have you been doing? Your little boy is so cute also! Are you still in cincinnati? If you are we should get together sometime! Talk to you later!