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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ah, yet another busy day. I woke up to a cold, rainy day.....which was rather depressing considering a couple days before the weather was around 70 or so....I am ready, lets restate that: MORE than ready for the spring weather! I am done with the jackets and boots...and ready to break out the T-shirts and sandals....sunny days please come quickly :)
But, enough of my whining about the climate...in other news...we are doing great. I am still in school, hoping to be done before too long. I go to school from 8am-1pm and then Andrew works from 3pm-2am- so we keep very busy!! Weekends are always the best, we call them our "family days" we just get to spend quality family time, and do fun things together...
Rajiv is growing so much everyday it seems! He is now almost 9 months old, and keeps us busy. He has two teeth which he uses as much as he can, and has most recently discovered how to cause havoc....he gets into everything! (Which is hard to believe considering he can't even walk yet)....but he is alot of fun. His newest game is "pattycake" you start singing and he will clap his hands, he is so proud of himself. He is a happy, yet demanding little man...and a daddy's boy. He has so much of Andrew's personality and his expressions tend to mimic his daddy's.
We love our little guy so very much, and he brings so much joy to our lives. No matter what the weather, he is "our little sunshine..."


cincymarge said...

He is soooooo adorable!!! I am going to add you on to my site. THanks for posting on my blog. That is awesome you are blogging too! Have a great day at school!

Love Margaret

Jenn said...

Your little guy is so cute!! You think he's making messes now... wait till he's walking =) It's all so much fun though!! We should get together sometime. Katrin needs to get used to a little one being around